The Super Bowl Picks

Hello out there. I would say I’ve gotten over my denial and have now moved to bitterness over the Packers epic collapse two weeks ago. But I have emerged from being locked in my room long enough to provide some Super Bowl picks to people who need it.

Before I post the extremely dramatic and exciting Super Bowl picks (preview: it’s basically 50/50 with 50/50 people picking each team, so not much you can do),  I’d to thank all of the people who sponsored. Not everyone who sponsored asked, or responded to me, to be … >>read more>>

Conference Champ Round

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my very first Lambeau Field Packer game. It was quite an amazing experience. I had two friends buy airlines tickets two days in advance to join my dad and I at the game.  We all know what happened with the catch/non-catch!

If you haven’t seen our Wall of Fame lately, you should take a look. It’s starting to fill up nicely, including our first “Dynasty” Level sponsor. If you need some electronic design engineering, you want to take a look.

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On to the conference championship round. It’s coming down to the … >>read more>>

Divisional Round

Hello again, here’s updated data for the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. At this point there aren’t many good money opportunities; you either have to go with the base picks or go with a random upset. Best chance this week is probably Dallas over GB, with a 30% win probability and 20% picked:

For those of you in leagues that have eliminations (players, teams, etc) here are the latest probabilities for each team winning the specific round:

Good luck! I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Packers Cowboys game, the only issue is they are my two … >>read more>>

Wild Card Update

Here’s the update for the Wild Card round.

Cincinnati and Baltimore remain good money picks this week at 37% and 39% win probabilities and % picked in the teens. Carolina is your blue money pick, with the same win probability as Dallas but only 72% picked.

If you haven’t checked out our Wall of Fame, take a peek! It’s updated with the latest sponsors.


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Wild Card Week 1

Hello all, a quick post for Wild Card Week 1 for people who have to turn in their picks today. For everyone else, I’ll put up an update before Saturday’s games.


If you want to go for an upset, you have two teams at 40% win probabilities who would qualify as yellow picks. Carolina has a similar win probability as Dallas, but not getting as much love. They would be a good bump up pick. How about a below .500 playoff team advancing?

I also calculated some probabilities of each team winning the following rounds based off Vegas odds:… >>read more>>