Week 12 Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Thanksgiving week of the NFL season! Other than giving thanks, turkey, pumpkin pie, etc, it also means there is an early game on Thursday so get your picks in soon!

Congrats to @Matt opalka for taking first place in his league and @Tom Schermerhorn for taking third place with a double blue KC and Bal all in pick.

Week 11 Base Pick Points: 68

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Week 11 Confidence Pool Picks

Greetings from Taipei, Taiwan, where the wonders of the internet allow me a little taste of home (FOOTBALL!!!). I slept through last week’s carnage of favorites dropping like flies (also received texts and phone calls at 5 AM local time regarding the Packers debacle), I can’t remember another time where there were 10 upsets. So last week’s base picks were very low.

Week 10 Base Pick Score: 31

I on the other hand took 3rd place, which is in the money. I went with a double bump of Washington over NO and Tampa over Dallas.

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Week 10 Confidence Pool Picks

Hello everyone, need to get these picks in a little early as I will be traveling all day tomorrow.

Congrats to @Eagle who took first place in his 55 team league by going all in with Indy and bumping up three other money picks!

Base picks score: 55

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Week 9 Confidence Pool Picks

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Finally, took first place this week. Bad news is it was on a Denver over GB money pick (along with a Baltimore bump up pick). Denver totally dominated my Packers… but at least taking first place was a consolation prize.

Base pick score from last week: 86

Have some congratulations in order for some of the CPP readers:

  • @WMLAT for winning Week 7 with an Oakland all-in pick
  • @pmac for winning Week 8 with the Denver pick
  • @GWEN for ALMOST taking first place with the Denver pick

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Week 8 Confidence Pool Picks

The 2015 season is almost half over as we enter Week 8!

Last week’s money pick to hit was Oakland over SD. For those who were able to switch the KC pick after Big Ben was listed as doubtful came out ahead as well. Anyone take the win this week?

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