BRGI Changes Poll

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Week 16 Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Week 16! Congrats to @pmac for finishing first in his 11 person league and @Travis Snider for finishing 2nd in his 79 person league! Also got an email from someone who won his 98 person league, but I don’t want to steal his thunder…

Base points: 122

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Week 15 Confidence Pool Picks

Week 15 is upon us! Congrats in Week 14 to:

  • @Paul Hajdu for taking first place two weeks in a row
  • @Dillon White for the win
  • Me for taking 3rd place for an Oakland all-in pick

Anyone else in the money this week? Post in the comments, along with your league size and strategy for the week!

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Week 14 Confidence Pool Picks

Getting down to the wire! Congrats to @meme this week for winning his league with the SF money pick and @Dillon White with the Dallas money pick. I still am not having much luck this year, with my SD money pick not panning out.

Base picks score: 98

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Week 13 Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to lucky week 13! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m sure all the Chicago Bears fans on this site are gloating over the win over the Packers, and I also have to say that would’ve been a great money pick from last week. Anyone go that route and win?

My dad informed me that I did not give him credit for his first place finish in his 60+ player league in week 11. So add him to the list of winners of people who read this site! (He went high on Tampa Bay for the win).

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