Week 16 Confidence Pool Picks

[wlm_ismember]It’s just not my year.[/wlm_ismember]

Tennessee pulled off the upset for me, and all I needed was a Washington win on Monday night to get first place. But of course, Cam Newton decides to play and play well. So I’m down to 5th place. As usual, hope you did better!

How did you do in week 15?

Base pick score from last week: 108

Base picks for this week:

Updated Wednesday 11:15 PM Eastern



Updated Wednesday 11:15 PM Eastern

Green picks: Denver is a good pick this week, as well as weekly money pick Jacksonville (they’re going to come through for me this week. I can feel it!). Baltimore is also a good pick, with Detroit and Minnesota being more riskier options.

Yellow picks: Indianapolis is a borderline yellow/green pick, with Philly and Carolina being lower risk lower reward picks.

Blue picks:  Houston is a marginal blue pick, but not much to choose from here.


  • Kyle

    As someone who has had Jax fail to come through on multiple occasions this year (as you have), in addition to me being a diehard Titans fan, you might think again about the Jax pick. Not only does Titans HC Mularkey want to stick it to the team that fired him after one season, Ten can set up a division title next week with the win and Jax is playing for nothing, and without a HC. Not that I haven’t seen Ten blow games like this in the past, but the chance of Jax pulling it out are much, much lower realistically. Just a thought!

    • Guess we’ll find out! Diehard Titans fan, that must mean you’re a real fan!

    • Hey hey finally Jacksonville!