Season Base Pick Results and Playoff Week 1

Playoffs??? Yes it is! Things get a little more simpler and a lot more random. But first, I tallied up the base pick results from the season and here is the number you would’ve gotten if you stuck with base picks all year:



That would’ve been good for 11th and 12th overall place in my two leagues, and in the money once in one league and twice in the other league. How did you do?

And from Week 17…  My Cleveland money pick almost hit, as they went into overtime and decided to lose 50 yards on 2nd and goal from the 2. My San Diego money pick alas wasn’t close. So, only one measly 3rd place finish all year in two leagues.

Base pick score from last week: 116

How did you do in week 2?


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Updated Thursday 7:40 PM Eastern

In the playoffs, it’s a little more luck. If you want to take a shot and come out to a big lead, pick a Detroit or Giants upset. Houston is a good bump up if you want to take a lesser shot. Good luck!


  • booombooom

    Thanks Dale! for another fun run and prosperous season. Although I give up the Trophy this year I still made out in the $$$. Have a great year !

    • Hey, it’s all about the profit right? Congrats and thanks for joining!

  • Paul Hajdu

    Love how you basically rate the potential upsets for me. Made it in the money 4 times this year!

    • Great having you! As long as you come out ahead.

  • Mike Miller

    I love this site! Thank you! Unfortunately, my league has collapsed and I am desperately seeking an invite to another league for next year. Anyone out there looking for new players? Please!

    • Hi Mike, great to have you! Remind me next year to post about people looking for sites to join. I’m sure we can find someone here who would take you!

      • Mike Miller

        Thanks Dale! I will remind you until……. I love the Confidence format, but hate that you can’t just “join” without an invite. Any help is appreciated!