New premium features for 2017

Hello all, an update on a couple of new features for premium members…

Picks sent directly via email. You asked for it, and you’ll get it. Premium members will have the picks emailed directly to them. But only if you promise to still get on the board and share your successes or frustrations! It’s more fun that way.

Entry into our Confidence Pool Picks members only confidence league. Go toe to toe with other members of this site. I’ll have prizes (likely Amazon gift cards) for the winners.

We also will have a members only Facebook page.

Price this year will be $25, with an early bird price of $20 if you register before 8/31. Plus get entry into our CPP members only league.

Also considering a weekly podcast, would anyone be interested in that?

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  • Tyler Rowe

    What style of strategy would you have for a pickem that doesn’t use confidence weightings, but still picks winners Straight Up?

    Fade the crowd on 1or 2 of the games that are closer to a coin flip?

    • Hello Tyler, that’s a little tougher… I think you would have to go against the crowd on a couple of good money picks. Or maybe go with more conservative money picks. Let me know if you mind out anything that works!

  • Mark Sauer

    When will the weekly picks be sent out? Our league wants the picks by Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning at the latest.

    • Will do Mark, will get first picks in Tuesday during the day.

  • MJK_WI

    Are the picks not going to be on here for free anylonger?

    • The base picks will be free. The money picks will be part of the premium membership, but the first couple weeks or so will be free.

  • Joe Ray

    How about extending the early bird special?

  • The football Guy

    Any chance of extending the early bird special?

  • Rob Laswell

    How do you join the members confidence pool and facebook page?

  • Robert Corvino

    Any update on Facebook page?