2017 Week 5 Confidence Pool Picks

Week 4 base picks points: 66

2017 Season total base pick points: 298

Another painful week last week as there were many upsets. However, that should open the door for people who made money picks. The Rams and Jets picks both hit. Did anyone go all in with either of those teams and win?

How did you do in week 2?

Here are the base picks for this week 5. There will be an update tomorrow. It’s a bit of a mess right now because of byes and the two games with no lines because of Sam Bradford and Marcus Mariota’s injuries:

Updated Thu 3 PM Eastern


Here are the “Money Picks,” or picks that you can take a shot at to get into the money. See here for more details. These teams are neglected by the public but have a decent chance of winning.

Updated Thu 3 PM Eastern

(This is only a partial table. The full picks are emailed to Premium members. If you’re interested in becoming a Premium member,  click here.)

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  • Randy

    I did not get my email with this weeks picks. Can you please fix this?

    • ddting

      Hello Randy, I’m showing you as “pending.” Did you get a confirmation email? I’ll manually add you.

    • Hello Randy, you’re listed as “pending.” Did you receive a confirmation email? I’ve added you manually. Good luck!

      • Randy

        Thanks Dale. I got the confirm from PayPal. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Dennis DeGraff

    This site is very confusing! It wants to know how I did in week 2, then had articles about week 12. When I try to access the premium information, it asks me if I want to become a premium member, which I already am. What’s going on?

    • Hello Dennis, sorry about all that, I’m trying to update the site because of some of the issues with emails. I’m going to keep sending out premium picks via email until it works. About the poll, that was a typo. Please bear with me, I’m working on this as we speak…