2017 Week 9 Confidence Pool Picks

NOTE: Updated on Friday evening, Ezekiel Elliot playing and Deshaun Watson hurt have changed things up a bit

Week 8 base picks points:  90

2017 Season total base pick points: 595

Week 8 showed almost all favorites winning, which should lead to some pretty high scores again this week. Anyone run the table last week?

How did you do in week 8?

Here are this week’s picks:

Updated Fri 9 PM Eastern


See here for more details. These teams are neglected by the public but have a decent chance of winning.

(There has been some issues with the emails getting caught in spam for some premium members so I am opening up these picks again this week.)

Green Picks: Tampa Bay, Washington, and Denver (Update: Add Indianapolis)

Pretty typical picks here, at ~25% win probabilities but 3-5% picked.

Update: With Watson out, Indy becomes a green pick. 

Yellow Picks: NYG, Miami, and NYJ

The yellow picks are almost good enough to be green picks this week, at almost 40% win probabilities but only 12-14% picked. Could be a good week to go double money picks, but with the last two weeks having so many favorites winning I’m a little gun shy about doing that.

Blue Picks: Dallas (Out: Carolina) 

Both blue picks are OK, only 50% win probabilities. Dallas is the higher risk but higher reward pick.

Update: Zeke is in/out/in again, so Dallas becomes a potential money pick. 

Updated Fri 9 PM Eastern


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  • Lunchbox

    You might want to update … Deshaun Watson is lost for the season for the Texans.

    • You bet. Will update tomorrow, gonna give Vegas a chance to respond…