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2017 Week 16 Confidence Pool Picks

Week 15 base picks points: 133

2017 Season total base pick points: 1199

And we swing back to favorites being en vogue again! The only upsets were very slight, only Kansas City and the Rams were underdog wins but they were only 1 and 2 points. If anyone went straight base picks there’s a chance you did very well! I on the other hand went with a Tampa Bay upset on Monday Night, at least that game almost went into overtime.

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2017 Week 15 Confidence Pool Picks

Week 14 base picks points: 71

2017 Season total base pick points: 1066

Another week of upsets, with 8 favorites going down including the top two, New England and Cincinnati. I whiffed on all my money picks (Indy, Cleveland, and TB) with two of the games going into OT.

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2017 Week 14 Confidence Pool Picks

Week 13 base picks points: 103

2017 Season total base pick points: 995 

This week had a bunch of lower level upsets, however only one money pick hit: SF. Needless to say, I didn’t fare too well. How did you guys do?

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2017 Week 13 Confidence Pool Picks

Week 12 base picks points: 117

2017 Season total base pick points:  892

As expected, a high scoring week this week with the big upset being KC laying another egg this week against Buffalo. Otherwise, the only other upset with Arizona beating TB. None of the money picks I tried panned out, however they were relatively close (Indianapolis and the Jets).

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2017 Week 12 Confidence Pool Picks

Week 11 base picks points: 76

2017 Season total base pick points:  775

So close… Was a Chicago Bears comeback away from winning one league, and a Seattle comeback away from being in the money in our CPP Nation Pool! Congrats to @HydeYoKids for winning.

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