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Playoff Week 2

No surprises last week. Here are this week’s picks:


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Updated Friday 4:00 PM Eastern

Seattle is your upset pick, and Kansas City is your bump pick! Good luck.

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Season Base Pick Results and Playoff Week 1

Playoffs??? Yes it is! Things get a little more simpler and a lot more random. But first, I tallied up the base pick results from the season and here is the number you would’ve gotten if you stuck with base picks all year:



That would’ve been good for 11th and 12th overall place in my two leagues, and in the money once in one league and twice in the other league. How did you do?

And from Week 17…  My Cleveland money pick almost hit, as they went into overtime and decided to lose 50 yards on 2nd … >>read more>>

Week 17 Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Week 17, the final week of the season! Hope it’s been a profitable year for all of you, and I hope a bunch of you are going for a season win!

Last week, Jacksonville finally pulled one out for me. But I ended up in 8th place because of too many big upsets.

Base pick score from last week: 78

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Week 16 Confidence Pool Picks

It’s just not my year.

Tennessee pulled off the upset for me, and all I needed was a Washington win on Monday night to get first place. But of course, Cam Newton decides to play and play well. So I’m down to 5th place. As usual, hope you did better!

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Week 15 Confidence Pool Picks

***Note: There may not be a Saturday/Sunday update this week, depending on if I can get an internet connection***

Coming down the stretch of the 2016 NFL season as we enter into Week 15! Week 14 was brutal again for me, as perennial money picks Jacksonville and Buffalo lose. Again, I hope you all had better luck than me!

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