2017 and Week 17 Recap

Week 17 base picks points: 91

2017 Season total base pick points: 1456 (corrected, missing Week 6)

And that’s a wrap for the 2017 season! Hope this was a profitable year for you. Many of the money picks hit in Week 17, but we also had some bad upsets which costed me first place in our CPP Nation league this week.

Thanks for coming along with the ride! I know things were a little chaotic for some people during the season, as I was trying to get membership payments, premium email lists, and premium content figured out. Gotta love technology. I’m working on a better solution for next year.… >>read more>>

Updated: 2017 Week 17 Confidence Pool Picks

The latest update has changed a bit, as people are starting to figure out which teams are resting starters and therefore changing the picked percentages. So, I decided to create a new post this time. Best of luck, I know many of you are going for a season win!

Updated Sat 12 PM Eastern



Green Picks: Tampa Bay, Cleveland

If you need to take a gamble to try to land in the money, these two teams are good shots. Both are at 28% win probability with only 2-3% picked.

Yellow Picks: 1. NYG 2. Houston

The Giants are the best medium risk pick here, with only 13% picked.… >>read more>>

2017 Week 17 Confidence Pool Picks

Week 16 base picks points: 124

2017 Season total base pick points: 1323

The favorites didn’t disappoint last week. Two of the money picks hit this week, Cincinnati and SF. The Cincy pick got me second place and in the money. How did you do?

Here are this week’s first look picks:

Updated Wed 12 PM Eastern


See here for more details. These teams are neglected by the public but have a decent chance of winning. Become a premium member here or if you’re already a member and cannot see the picks below, log in here.… >>read more>>