Week 9 Confidence Pool Picks

I’m in the money! I’m in the money! So yours truly finally got on the scoreboard this week with a 2nd place finish with the Chicago pick hitting. I was close to hitting a second money pick in another league with Washington, which would’ve netted me a 3rd place finish. How did you do?

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Week 8 Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Week 8! My money pick finally hit this week, with San Diego coming back to beat Atlanta in an OT thriller. However it only got me 5th place, as the first place person inexplicably got all but one pick right! How did you do this week?

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Week 7 Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Week 7! We had myriad money picks hit last week, including SD, Dallas, and Miami. Of course, I picked SF to go all in on. Congrats to @Barbara, @Dave, @Neal Benoit,  and @Frank on their wins!

Big question, did @Henry Rearden win for the 5th week in a row thanks to his wife’s picks (wink wink)? Henry’s office thinks his wife is the reason for his success. We’ll just make that our running secret.

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Week 6 Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Week 6 of the NFL season! Last week was probably the worst fantasy/pick em football week of the season for me. 0-3 in my fantasy leagues (including losing to a team with 3 starters on bye) and 0-4 on money picks for my confidence leagues. I sure hope your week was better. Congrats to my dad who took 2nd place at least! And to @Henry, who has won for 4 weeks in a row! How did you do?

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Week 5 Confidence Pool Picks

Well, I certainly hope your Week 4 was better than mine. None of my money picks hit, resulting in a pretty poor score. Still waiting for a week where both picks hit. If you went with Buffalo or Chicago big this week, you probably did well. If you were in the money or took first place, take a victory lap in the comments below. Tell us who you picked big and how many are in your league. Congrats to @Dave S for winning with the Buffalo all in pick, despite being a Pats fan!

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