Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – March Madness style

Please remember this when I go on a cold streak. 🙂

Sometimes life does follow the script… Duke loses before the Final Four and Virginia makes me look like a genius and wins a thrilling championship game (and a couple other really close games). I take first in a small friends and family bracket, squeaking by the guy who took Michigan State to win it all (that’s you George).

It also followed the script for a reader who wanted to only be known as @JockMcGillicuddy because he didn’t want the rest of his league to know he gets his picks from this site:

I just wanted to once again give a tip of the cap to you and your hard work and site.

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Bonus: 2019 March Madness Picks

Hey everyone, hope you’re enjoying your football offseason! I joined a March Madness bracket pool, so of course I created a spreadsheet to help me make picks. And just because, I’m going to share it and my findings here! Thanks to all who asked me to do this…

I did a similar analysis to what I do for football, that is find teams that have have the highest win probability with the lowest percent of public picked. The March Madness bracket is a lot harder than our regular confidence pools because there are SO MANY games to pick, and we don’t have the ability to go all in with a “16 pick” to push things.… >>read more>>