Week 17 Confidence and Pickem picks

Last week of the regular season! I’m currently in first place overall for my league after my Week 16 picks netted me a first place finish. All without the use of the Advanced NFL Stats data.

Since this is the last week of the season, I wanted to thank everyone who came along with the ride. I hope this blog helped you with your picks and won you money (and/or bragging rights). Thanks to George and Frank who chimed in with their opinions and methods, it made me think and improved my picks as I learned throughout the season. I hope to do some analysis over the off-season to test the methods that were talked about this year.… >>read more>>

Week 16 Picks

I’m going to be out of pocket the next few days, so I need to get the picks in early without the benefit of Advanced NFL Stats models. I’ll only be using the Moneyline games, and I won’t have the luxury of knowing if Aaron Rodgers is playing.

Good luck! If you want, put in the ANS win probabilities in and check on Rodger’s status before you enter in your picks on Thursday.… >>read more>>