Week 17 Confidence Pool Update

With no Thursday or Saturday games this week, this is your best chance at using the latest data to win one more week! I will be posting playoff picks for those who have leagues that run through the playoffs. It’s a bit more of a crapshoot, with less teams and more even teams, but we’ll give it a shot.

I’d like to give a few specific thank you’s. One, to Edgar (@Ironclad) for his extensive computer simulations in estimating the best chances of winning a week vs winning for the season. Also, to the folks who were regular contributors to the discussions, including @John and @AM.… >>read more>>

Week 17 Confidence Pool Picks

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone, and welcome to the final week of the regular season! I will continue this in the playoffs, but for those who sign off prior to the playoffs, just wanted to say thanks for coming along the ride this year with Confidence Pool Picks! I hope this season was fun, and most of all, profitable.

If you enjoyed this site, and especially if you were able to be in the money, share the wealth with a sponsorship/donation! Next year, I do plan on making a small portion of this site premium for a nominal fee. However, anyone who donates or sponsors this year will get next year free.… >>read more>>

Week 16 – Final Update

And a few more changes prior to kickoff on Sunday…

  • A bunch of games have turned green, as their win probabilities have increased a bit.
  • SF didn’t like being a money pick, so they decided to throw away the game last night in OT.

Someone in my league picked Washington all-in. Washington was just below our money picks because its win probability was only 24%. If that person is reading this site, I’m in for a challenge for this week!

Good luck to all!

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