Week 8 Confidence Pool Picks

The 2015 season is almost half over as we enter Week 8!

Last week’s money pick to hit was Oakland over SD. For those who were able to switch the KC pick after Big Ben was listed as doubtful came out ahead as well. Anyone take the win this week?

Base pick points for Week 7: 77

Also quick survey, just want to see what platform you all use for your confidence pools so I can create better content:

On to week 8. We have one “off” game, that is Houston vs Tennessee due to Mariota’s uncertain status: Update 10/30: Mariota is now OUT for the game.>>read more>>

Week 7 Confidence Pool Picks

UPDATE 10/24: Big Ben listed as doubtful, making KC a favorite this week and a high blue pick. 

Week 7 is upon us! Congrats to @TheBaldOne, who wrapped up a money week with a triple blue pick strategy in his 21 team league. My all in pick did not hit again, although Cleveland took the Broncos into overtime before falling. However, it was encouraging that this time if my all-in pick hit, I would’ve taken home a first place prize. The last few weeks I still wouldn’t have won if my money pick hit, which is painful. It may have helped bumping Philly up to 14.… >>read more>>

Week 6 Confidence Pool Picks

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m out on the west coast, so getting this to all a little later in the day today.

Still no luck for me last week… the money pick would’ve been Cleveland. Hope someone went all in on them! The Houston pick didn’t come through, although it was close.

Base pick score: 70

This week is showing to be a low scoring one, as there are only 14 games with mostly low win probabilities. This could mean a good week to take some chances. Here’s the chart for this week:


Green picks: Cleveland (35% win probability, 9% picked) over Denver and Washington (29%, 8%) over the Jets (the Jets have that high of a win probability?)

Yellow picks: KC behind C.… >>read more>>