Week 16 Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Week 16! Congrats to @pmac for finishing first in his 11 person league and @Travis Snider for finishing 2nd in his 79 person league! Also got an email from someone who won his 98 person league, but I don’t want to steal his thunder…

Base points: 122

On to this week’s picks.

Green picks this week are SD (30%, 9%), Dallas (29%, 7%) and Atl (27%, 8%)

Yellow picks are NYG (31%, 15%) and NYJ (39%, 14%). Ten is a candidate also, however their line is off (win probabilities are off another site). Update Sun 12/27: Tennessee line is on, and it’s close to what I had originally.>>read more>>

Week 15 Confidence Pool Picks

Week 15 is upon us! Congrats in Week 14 to:

  • @Paul Hajdu for taking first place two weeks in a row
  • @Dillon White for the win
  • Me for taking 3rd place for an Oakland all-in pick

Anyone else in the money this week? Post in the comments, along with your league size and strategy for the week!

Base pick points for last week: 103

On to this week. Indy vs Houston has no line as of this writing, win probabilities are based off another site’s projections.

Lots of borderline yellow/green picks this week for you all to choose from.


Philly (37%, 10%), Chicago (31%, 8%), and Baltimore (24%, 5%)


Detroit (40%, 15%), Oakland (39%, 13%),  Dallas (38%, 14%)


Only one OK one, with Buffalo (52%, 41%) over Washington.… >>read more>>