Week 13 Confidence Pool Picks

Week 12 continued the trend of lots of favorites winning, which should help boost points for most people. After the Sunday afternoon games, I had a perfect score going in one of my leagues with a Tampa Bay all in money pick upset. Alas, I it was a bittersweet ending to the Monday Night game as a Packer loss would’ve gotten me first place, but instead they decided to win.

But, as usual, someone else won in CPP nation! Congrats to @Nick Ward for winning his 27 team league. Anyone else finish in the money? Take a victory lap in the comments section!… >>read more>>

Week 12 Confidence Pool Picks

It was a great week to go with base picks last week, as there were only two upsets last week. Unfortunately future hall of famer Brock Osweiler couldn’t come through with me and my Houston money pick. Congrats to @BWitt30 for winning his 92 player league!

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Week 11 Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Week 11! It was a tough week last week, as there were a lot of upsets. I ended up 4th last in one league, that’s what happens when there are a ton of upsets AND your money picks don’t hit. How did you all do? My mom and dad took 1st and 3rd at least.

Base pick score from last week: 36

That’s very low, indicative of all the upsets. But fear not, that should not be typical.

Base picks for this week:

Updated Sunday 9:00 AM Eastern


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