2017 Week 4 Confidence Pool Picks

Week 3 base picks points: 53

2017 Season total base pick points: 232

Week 3 was quite rough for the base picks, scoring only 53 points as there were many big upsets. But on the positive side, three of our green money picks hit: Jacksonville (AGAIN!), Buffalo, and Washington. And of course I picked SF as my all in pick for our CPP members only league.

Congrats to 4th and Long for taking first place in our member only CPP League with 102 points! (Become a member)

What strategy did you use? How’d you do? Comment below!

Here are the base picks for this week 4:

Updated Thu 7 PM Eastern


Here are the “Money Picks,” or picks that you can take a shot at to get into the money.… >>read more>>

2017 Week 3 Confidence Pool Picks

Week 2 base picks points: 94

2017 Season total base pick points: 179

Welcome to Week 3 everyone! Week 2 showed a lot of favorites winning in the top half of the table, with the only exception being the hapless Cincinnati Bungles. The Miami pick was the only money pick that hit this week, and that was only a yellow pick. You probably didn’t do too well this week if you stuck with our picks, but you can’t call a Jacksonville upset every week!

Congrats to @XZX and @Wally Wolfpack for tying for first place in our member only CPP League!… >>read more>>

2017 Week 2 Confidence Pool Picks


Week 1 is in the books! It all started with a KC blowout upset over the Patriots (it’s gonna be an uphill battle to go 16-0 when you start 0-1). Quite an exciting weekend for me, I had the highest score in both of my fantasy leagues. But you’re here for the confidence pool leagues, so here we go.

Base pick score (score you would’ve gotten had you just stuck with the base picks and not played with any money picks): 85

Out of the green money picks, Jacksonville hit over Houston. Did anyone go all in with Jacksonville?… >>read more>>