Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – March Madness style

Please remember this when I go on a cold streak. 🙂

Sometimes life does follow the script… Duke loses before the Final Four and Virginia makes me look like a genius and wins a thrilling championship game (and a couple other really close games). I take first in a small friends and family bracket, squeaking by the guy who took Michigan State to win it all (that’s you George).

It also followed the script for a reader who wanted to only be known as @JockMcGillicuddy because he didn’t want the rest of his league to know he gets his picks from this site:

I just wanted to once again give a tip of the cap to you and your hard work and site.

We won our Bracket pool

I used your site and a couple other’s to gather info and my gut.

What I did take away from you is the best bet.

As a SU fan it was hard to root for UVA.

However as you clearly stated.

UVA was right behind Duke in the possibility of winning the whole thing while the public was all over Duke and not touching UVA after last year’s disaster.

To hammer home your point
Out of the 50 people in the pool
20 had Duke
10 had UNC
9 had Gonzaga
6 had Mich St
2 Virginia
2 Michigan
1 Syracuse

Only 7 others even had Virginia getting to the title game.

After the 1st round we were in 26th place
16 points behind the leader.

Going into the Final 4
We were in a 4 way tie for 2nd
I was 14 points out with a possible 22 points left

The leader had no possible points left and the 3 people I was tied with had no shot at any more points

I won by 2 points
Over the only other person who had UVA. That person jumped from 4th. Out of the money to 2nd

We went 10=5 in the last 15.
Nobody else did better than 8=7

So the UVA pick was the best value because as you said the public was not on them but they had just about the same chance of winning as Duke.

As soon as Duke and UNC got knocked out.
That is when we made our move.
When TT beat Mich St.
That is when it eliminated everybody except two of us.
UVA certainly didn’t make it easy to watch though.
That was three crazy wins in a row.
I thought our brackets were busted three times.
We came in 3rd with wins.

Thanks again.

How’d you do in your bracket?

Addendum: Thanks to Deb Linden for sending in the a screenshot of her winning picks!