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Week 15 Base Pick Points: 81 Season Base Pick Points: 1271 There were 6 upsets this week with 4 of the Money picks representing in that list. The money picks that were successful were 1 green pick (49ers upsetting the Seahawks), 2 yellow picks (Chargers beating the Chiefs, and Steelers defeating the Patriots), and 1 blue pick (the Colts destroying the Cowboys). Besides that, 2 NFC East teams (the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins) were the other upset picks that had very low win probabilities and were semi-unexpected. Looking ahead to this week, there is no Thursday Night Football game but there will be 2 Saturday football games so don’t forget to put in your picks by this Saturday @ 4:30 PM ET!>>read more>>

2018 Week 15 Confidence Pool Picks – Base Picks

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Week 14 Base Pick Points: 81

Season Base Pick Points: 1190

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The base picks were low scoring this week as the favorites were marred by upsets, but that’s a good thing when talking about our Money Picks. Never the less there were 6 upsets this week, the most surprising coming by the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots.… >>read more>>

2018 Week 15 Confidence Pool Picks – Premium

Week 14 Base Pick Points: 81 Season Base Pick Points: 1190 Well you did well if you took all of the money picks this week as 4 (Bears, 49ers, Colts, Browns) out of 5 were successful. The only loss being the Baltimore Ravens who were winning with under 2 minutes left but blew the lead and Kansas City forced overtime and took the game from there. Other than the Money Picks: the Jets (who were a money pick for the first look) upset the Bills, the Raiders surprisingly upset the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Miami Dolphins upset the New England Patriots in memorable fashion.… >>read more>>