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2018 Week 13 Confidence Pool Picks – Premium

Week 12 Base Pick Points: 110

Season Base Pick Points: 1015

This was a good week for the favorites as the base picks racked up 110 points since the only 4 losses came from the 4 lowest base point ranked games. The Money Picks had some ups and downs with the the Denver Broncos upset and the Minnesota Vikings being the two bright spots. Our blue pick the Jacksonville Jaguars were reasonably upset. On Thanksgiving, the Detroit Lions were unable to get past the Chicago Bears defense as Lions QB Matthew Stafford threw a pick six to give the Bears the lead late in the game and then threw another one on the opponent’s 11 yard line to stall their comeback.… >>read more>>

2018 Week 12 Confidence Pool Picks – Premium

Week 11 Base Pick Points: 54

Season Base Pick Points: 905

This was a hectic week in the NFL, with a lot of exciting games that went down to the wire. The Week 11 Picks were very successful if you chose the correct upsets that we mentioned. The Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders made for a great Green Pick and Yellow Pick respectively. They both pulled out big late-game upsets on offensive drives that resulted in winning field goals as time expired. The Detroit Lions upset the Carolina Panthers after the Panthers attempted a 2-point conversion to win the game.… >>read more>>

2018 Week 12 Confidence Pool Picks – Base Picks

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Week 11 Base Pick Points: 54

Season Base Pick Points: 902

(These are the scores you would’ve gotten if you stuck with just our base picks, if you want potential league-winning superior picks then you will need to become a Premium Member). 

If you stuck with the favored teams in the base picks then you wouldn’t have done real well as there were some big upsets this week. The Carolina Panthers, Los Angeles Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, and Atlanta Falcons were all in the top half of the base point values but all were upset, 3 out of 4 of which we pointed out to our premium members. … >>read more>>