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2018 Season In Review

Week 17 Base Pick Points: 107  Season Base Pick Points: 1495  Happy new year CPP nation! Another year has gone by,  thank you for being a part of this community. I hope you guys all had a lot of fun, and above all, won a lot of money! It was a good year for base picks, ending the year at 1495 points. I personally took first place overall,  a weekly second place twice, and a weekly third-place twice in my 40 team league. I spent most of the year sticking with base picks because of that.   You may have noticed that the writeups were a lot more thorough after week 10,  that is thanks to Alex Schweitzer,  who took over running the numbers and writing up the posts at week 10.… >>read more>>

2018 Week 9 Confidence Pool Picks – Premium

Week 8 Base Pick Points: 92

Season Base Pick Points: 713

Rough week for the money picks last week, as none of them hit. TB almost pulled it off behind Ryan Fitzmagic but alas it wasn’t meant to be. I stuck with mostly base picks, and still am able to keep my first place overall ranking. 

Here are the picks for Week 9:

Updated Wed 2:00 PM ET

We have a special guest poster today, Alex, who did a thorough analysis of the money picks for this week. Here they are:

Blue Picks:

Washington Redskins:  The Washington Redskins have been a solid team this year, beating quality teams consistently.… >>read more>>