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Week 16 Base Pick Points: 117  Season Base Pick Points: 1388  Well 17 weeks have gone by fast and hopefully your love for your respective teams have either increased or have persisted throughout the season. Week 16 was a good week for the base picks since there were only 4 upsets out of 16 games with 3 of them being the Money picks. They were the Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos, the Baltimore Ravens vs Los Angeles Chargers, and the Jacksonville Jaguars vs the Miami Dolphins games. This week should be interesting with teams fighting to reach the playoffs with some teams who have nothing to play for sitting some or all of their starters. There are no Thursday Night or Saturday Night Football games this week, so we’ll start the week with the 1 PM ET games.… >>read more>>
Week 15 Base Pick Points: 81 Season Base Pick Points: 1271 There were 6 upsets this week with 4 of the Money picks representing in that list. The money picks that were successful were 1 green pick (49ers upsetting the Seahawks), 2 yellow picks (Chargers beating the Chiefs, and Steelers defeating the Patriots), and 1 blue pick (the Colts destroying the Cowboys). Besides that, 2 NFC East teams (the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins) were the other upset picks that had very low win probabilities and were semi-unexpected. Looking ahead to this week, there is no Thursday Night Football game but there will be 2 Saturday football games so don’t forget to put in your picks by this Saturday @ 4:30 PM ET!>>read more>>

2018 Week 15 Confidence Pool Picks – Premium

Week 14 Base Pick Points: 81 Season Base Pick Points: 1190 Well you did well if you took all of the money picks this week as 4 (Bears, 49ers, Colts, Browns) out of 5 were successful. The only loss being the Baltimore Ravens who were winning with under 2 minutes left but blew the lead and Kansas City forced overtime and took the game from there. Other than the Money Picks: the Jets (who were a money pick for the first look) upset the Bills, the Raiders surprisingly upset the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Miami Dolphins upset the New England Patriots in memorable fashion.… >>read more>>