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2018 Week 12 Confidence Pool Picks – Premium

Week 11 Base Pick Points: 54

Season Base Pick Points: 905

This was a hectic week in the NFL, with a lot of exciting games that went down to the wire. The Week 11 Picks were very successful if you chose the correct upsets that we mentioned. The Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders made for a great Green Pick and Yellow Pick respectively. They both pulled out big late-game upsets on offensive drives that resulted in winning field goals as time expired. The Detroit Lions upset the Carolina Panthers after the Panthers attempted a 2-point conversion to win the game.… >>read more>>

2018 Week 10 Confidence Pool Picks – Premium

Week 9 Base Pick Points: 69

Season Base Pick Points: 782

Both Green Picks were unsuccessful this week despite a late game comeback by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Yellow Picks had mixed results with the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders losing as the Raiders showed why they couldn’t be trusted even when playing a 3rd string QB, while the Houston Texans pulled out a close win. From the Blue Picks the New Orleans Saints was the only team to win, while the Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks struggled to compete against powerful offenses.

Updated Wed. 6:45 PM ET

Here are the picks for Week 10:

Here are the game analyses for Week 10 (These game analyses are only here to help you give you more background information so you can make a more educated decision on which of the money picks you want to choose from.): 

Blue Picks:

(6-2) Los Angeles Chargers vs (1-7) Oakland Raiders:
This is the easiest money pick this week, but for some reason the general public are absurdly picking the Raiders to win 38% of the time.… >>read more>>