2018 Week 1 Confidence Pool Picks

Updated Wednesday 8 PM ET

Welcome to Week 1 of the 2018 season everyone! On Tuesdays, I will post the “First Look” picks with no write-up. On Wednesday, I will update it with the full write-up. I hope to add Thursday and Saturday updates down the road, but at this point I will focus on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Here are the free Base Picks for Week 1: (updated to correct wrong table)


For the first two weeks only, here is a FREE PREVIEW of what Premium Members get:

Updated Wed 8 PM ET

Green Picks (Higher risk picks, going for the weekly win or a fast start): 1.>>read more>>

2018 Season!

Hello everyone and hope you had a nice summer and off-season! Confidence Pool Picks will be back and running again this year in the hopes of helping you win money in your pools this year.

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