Week 15 Confidence Pool Picks


Last week, all nine money picks whiffed. According to the probabilities, there was an 0.06% chance of that happening. So, I basically won the lottery in reverse. I guess this makes up for the week when almost all the money picks hit.

The closet one was Cleveland, who lost to Indianapolis on the final drive of the game. Watching that game, I was yelling at TV hoping it would compel them into letting Indy score so they’d have time to come back and kick a FG (there’s some articles on Advanced Football Analytics that tell you when to intentionally allow a score, but I didn’t find one for this exact situation).… >>read more>>

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Week 14 Update

Happy Saturday everyone! We had a couple of flips for this update. Kansas City is now favored over Arizona, making them the blue money pick. The Giants are now favorites over Tennessee, making our yellow pick not as good anymore (are the Vegas oddsmakers looking at this site?). Best of luck!

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Week 14 Confidence Pool Picks

Last week had its share of money picks that hit, starting with Philly over Dallas on Thanksgiving. Jacksonville came from behind to take down the Giants and Atlanta took down Arizona for two green pick wins. Both blue picks hit, as Green Bay beat New England and Buffalo beat Johnny Football and the Cleveland Browns. I went all in with Jacksonville and the Bills, and would have ended up in 4th place (just out of the money) however I went for the win and went with a third money pick Sunday night and went for the Chiefs for 11. It also cost me 6 slots in the overall race in my 58 person league down to 12th place.… >>read more>>